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The Inaugural 2017 Designation Conference, held at 7 World Trade Center, NYC, aimed to uniquely empower the next generation of product designers, brand creators and entrepreneurial thinkers to shape their careers and the world with design. Through hands-on workshops on prototyping, effective sessions about ideating and intimate talks about leading, the event will bridge the gap between inspirational creative executives and the top 100 design-driven students in the country.

1 Conference | 2 Days | 3 Parts

Drawing off the rule of thirds, Designation educates & empowers students through three key sessions:

Executive Seminars Intimate and off-the-record, these sessions allow students to meaningfully and dynamical- ly engage creative leaders in executive roles. Groups are matched by field of interest for greatest alignment. This is a unique forum for many students to be able to properly con- verse with executives in ways the larger plenary sessions cannot facilitate.

Speaker Sessions Allow for exploration of high-level trends and important new ideas that are pushing design into new frontiers. Innovators and leaders across disciplines will be invited to not only share their ideas, but also to be challenged in active discussion by academic and professional moderators.

Interactive Workshops These sessions are designed to be a chance for young creatives to apply the knowledge and skills they’ve gained in plenary & breakout sessions to products of their own design. All workshop content has been specially curated for this Designation conference, in partner- ship with industry specialists.


April 7-8, 2018

Spring Studios
New York, NY 10007


All student travel and food accommodations will be provided free of cost.


Apply now to engage with some of the world's most influential thought leaders!

Peter Rice

Chairman and CEO
Fox Networks Group

Daniel Burka

Design Partner
Google Ventures

Rob Schwartz


Albert Lee

Design Partner

Rashmy Chatterjee

Chief Marketing Officer
IBM, North America

Jamie Myrold

VP of Design

Mike Lebowitz

Big Spaceship

Ratna Desai

UX Lead

Michael Ventura

Founder and CEO
Sub Rosa

Angela Yeh

Yeh Ideology

Melissa Dalrymple

VP of Experience Design
McKinsey & Company

And More!

99 Exceptional Students

Designation will bring together 99 of the country’s brightest undergraduates interested in shaping the world through design. The alumni class of Designation ‘17 will represent the start of a network of young designers and interdiscipinary talent.

Via networking sessions, students and executives will forge connections that will go beyond this conference. Networking opportunities further enable re- cruitment of talented students.


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